The all new X-Mind Prime 3D

Italian Engineering, high quality & fast install.

Acteons’ latest, won’t be beaten in value & quality.
Italian engineering at it’s finest. CBCT & OPG Dental Machines.


Compactness is key. X-Mind® prime is a space-saving device:
with its smart wall-mounted system, it will never get in your way. Its exceptional light weight (only 62kg) and its reduced size makes X-Mind® prime adaptable.

Acteon Prime 2D OPG Australia

X-Mind Trium CBCT 3D Ceph

Trium CBCT Dental


X-Mind® prime 3D is the latest addition to ACTEON’s CBCT digital imaging product line. It blends cutting-edge technology with ease of use in a compact design. With X-Mind® prime 3D, high tech is at your fingertips with tools for accurate diagnosis and complete treatment planning.

Prime 3D CBCT

X-Mind TRIUM 2D & 3D

THE 3D TECHNOLOGY THAT FACILITATES DENTAL IMPLANT PLANNING WITH INSTANT VOLUME MEASUREMENT AND BONE DENSITY ASSESSMENT. ACTEON®’s CBCT integrates high performance, state-of-the-art tools to increase diagnostic reliability and improve patient care

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X-Mind® prime combines 2D and 3D technologies. Using a single sensor, the practitioner can quickly and easily switch between modes. With 24 panoramic and 32 CBCT options, X-Mind® prime covers many clinical applications including implantology, endodontics, TMJ and sinus imaging: opening up a whole range of new possibilities.