Best Dental CBCT OPG Machines 2020

What makes a great Cone beam ?

  1. Innovative wall-mounted system, freeing up the floor for
    a zero footprint space.
  2. The lightest unit on the market, makes it adaptable
    anywhere in the office, even in the narrowest places.
  3. Fast and easy examination thanks to face-to-face
  4. Wide range of 56 2D and 3D acquisition programs.
  5. Delivered with the intuitive AIS software, benefit from
    treatment planning tools.
  6. More precise :
    • 87,5 μm high quality images.
    • Rotation of 270 degrees to obtain the maximum amount of information about the volume, improving drastically the image quality as well as accuracy with diagnosis.


Why do I love X-Mind Primes?

The first time I had the pleasure of setting up OPG / CBCT it took over two days in install / calibrate and then struggle with integrations in to third party app due to  older software solutions companies were using. Some brands have beautiful looking machines, however that is only half the picture, not been able to use the images or struggling with software crash is’t going to help anyone.

It has the best software :

The CBCT is half the solution. A very important consideration is how you will use it.

Software is mission critical. Primes come with AIS Software for database management which integrates in to third-party applications such as Dental for windows, allowing you to simply open AIS Imaging with just a link from your D4W software.

PRIMES, are supported with AIS imaging, that integrates into any party patient management system, like Dental for windows. It modern, updated with a beautiful interlace making it clear how to use the machine at hand. Far above the the competition.

AIS may be installed on as many computers as you like, it supports unlimited clients for one database meaning you can have 50 AIS Clients installed talking to the database free of charge. This is a huge benefit and  a huge saver when compared to other popular imaging applications like Planmeca Romexis which is limited to 5 installed and charged per major version upgrade. AIS you can down load and install the latest version at any stage free from Acteon’s Support web site.

For PRIME CBCT Cone beam, AIS has deployed AIS 3D advanced app hat comes complete with implant downloads and a range of tools to view 3D Models.
5 3D App licenses are included free of charge.


PRIMES are setup at the factor,the CBCT’s are completent with their own PC pre calibrated ready to go out of the box.
You simply do a few checks and your away to go!

I have spent days with other ‘M…’ units, spending over 16 hours calibrating x100’s etc only to have the software not work via multi accounts .
Primes can be installed and setup with in 3 hours with 5 clients ready to go.



I have installed several i-CATS for the likes of Bupa and professional surgeries – when I saw the ConeBeam 3D image resulting from the PRIME CBCT, I thought that the image quality was on par, and it was fast! A very impressive machine with amazing results and a ridiculous saving in comparison.

If you are looking for a Professional machine, CBCT cone beam , OPG with CEPH – look no further –

*Quality parts, Italian made, beautiful in design and use
* Software you will not beat
* Fast setup o messing around calibration
* 5 year standard warranties
*One of the best CBCT Images you will find on the market.
* OPG sensor built in
* A price for quality you simply can’t beat.

Contact me for more reasons you should go with Acteons’ superior PRIME Range.